Property Investing ISN’T for Dummies – What are the mistakes most investors are making?

Most property investors have under performing portfolios costing them valuable time, effort, stress and money. There’s a myriad of reasons why, but we believe it’s simple. Most don’t look below the surface of what are THE most important factors to analyse BEFORE investing in property. This lack of knowledge is the reason why most major investing mistakes are made, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you want to make sure you’re up there with the most successful property investors, you’re going to have to dive below the surface and do what the top 10% of investors do to ensure success.

You will learn some extremely powerful, key investing principles & practices that 90% of investors ignore and only the top 10% actually deploy.

This webinar, hosted by Terry Ryder and Josh Atherton is a must for every investor. If you have a desire to use property investing as your vehicle to achieve your financial goals, watch it now!

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About The Author
- Josh’s passion to see people achieve more in life led him to found PPI from a background of avid property investing, developing, construction and real estate experience. Josh is continually sought after to provide commentary and opinions in some of the countries leading magazines and property forums. Through innovative property investing methods Josh provides platforms for PPI’s clients to build property portfolios outside of the norm.